The Simple But Never Too Plain- White Knee High Socks

Hands down, knee-high sock phenomenon is one of the most fashionable, flattering, and the obviously practical fall/winter trends.

This winter season just couldn’t be the better as it’s just ideal for utilizing these longer socks to have your feet and legs kept warm. So be bold and stand out among the rest with some knee high socks. Since the correct size would really enhance your legs, it’s crucial to get the right fit.

What makes these socks so popular among serious fashionistas is because they’re sexy, funky and bold. You could even wear your unique style with plain white knee high socks. The outfit ideas below would inspire you to dress up for this season.

Knee High White Socks Outfit Ideas


  1. Have your knee socks layered over leggings and stay under tall boots. Then the socks would look really cute peeking out of the top of your boots.


  1. Wear a vintage inspired dress and pair a Mary-Jane shoes with your knee socks to get an ultra-feminine vibe.


  1. Dress in an oversized chunky sweater for a top and match it with a skirt, then throw in your knee socks with a shoe. You would have a look which resembles a schoolgirl, though it may not be an appropriate work attire.


  1. Layer your knee socks over sheer tights and the extra layer of fabric would keep your legs extra warm while also let you stay cute regardless of whether the style you will be wearing is casual or dressy.

How to Keep Socks Up


  1. Yofi Stick It Body Adhesive

Keep this great stuff in your clutch during a night out so that you can reapply as and when it’s needed


  1. Johnson’s Baby Powder

The lotion you apply on your legs may cause your socks to slip. Sprinkling a little baby powder after your shower would help keep the socks in place. The drier your skin goes, the better is it.

  1. Get A Quality Socks

This would require further elaboration as for how do you know whether your socks is of good quality?

Lycra has it

It’s essential to know whether your socks’ material consists of Lycra as it is the component which ensures that your socks won’t bunch up at your ankles. Your socks would fit well and keep you looking smart with the highly elastic Lycra spandex in it.

It is very subjective when it comes to determining the type of fabric that is suitable for each person as it would come down to whether one is allergic to certain type of fabric, how much one sweats, and also what occasion the socks would be worn to. That’s why you should try on socks of different fabrics before deciding which pair to buy.

Winter Wear

During days in cooler weather, socks made of wool or nylon are ideal to have your feet kept warm as they’re insulated against the chill. Wool works great in cushioning your feet, heat conservation, and moisture absorption. Its natural ability to provide air circulation makes it a great fabric, but some may feel discomfort and itchy when wearing woolen socks. However, the woolen fabric comes in different types and blends these days so that you can stay warm without having to give your feet a scratch every two minutes. If you’re still not convinced, nylons are okay too. Nylon socks are also great for winters as it could keep your feet warm and can endure many uses.

Breaking The Plain-ness: Knitting Designs You Can Get For White High Knee Socks 

You may despise white socks because they’re too plain and simple. But you wouldn’t look at them the same way if you know how to get the desired texture look and feel from white socks by choosing the right designs.


  • Cable Knit

The blend of nylon, cotton, and Lycra® spandex in this kind of socks enable them to stay up better, and instead of sagging, they hug gently. Cable knitted fabrics are typically insulating and very warm due to air trapped in the knit. However, these socks may have less flexibility in comparison with other knitted fabrics as they’re made with many yarns and come in a chunky and dense texture.


  • Open Knit

These socks could give you a flirty look by showing little peeks of skin from the pattern details on their stretchy open work knit body. They’re mainly made of nylon and polyester materials.


  • Ribbed Knit

These socks have their name from their fabric which is knitted in vertically ridged pattern known as ribbing and also highly stretched in a crosswise direction. They can retain their shape and are very elastic.


  • Pointelle Knit

Pointelle is a cotton knit fabric which is lightweight and comes with subtle openwork. It’s typically in a geometric patter which gives the socks a delicate texture.

How To Maintain Your Socks White And New

A few rules that you should adhere to when it comes to washing white socks.

  1. If you face trouble to get your white socks white again but refuse to use bleach on them, try to soak your socks in some baking soda. Add one-half cup of detergent to a small level water, and then soak your socks in the water. Proceed to wash them as usual after they’re soaked for an hour. In this way, you would have got two jobs take care at once.
  1. Have the dirty socks washed right way instead of inside out.
  1. After you’ve managed to whiten them by cleaning, leave them to dry outside on a line or get them laid out on the grass. The sunlight would help whiten them.
  1. Ensure that the socks are washed separately from your other clothing.
  1. Anything that has Lycra/Spandex should not be bleached as you would have the Lycra ruined by the bleach. The useful life of the item is shortened as a result.

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