Is It Weird To Wear Slipper Or Slipper Socks For Men?

If you want to have the best look with indoor clothing, and even at any time you are in your nightwear, the best way is to ensure that your appearance is enhanced by using a good pair of slippers. You can look more cool, stylish and elegant by matching your slippers to what you are wearing.

If your preferred indoor wear is something light and flimsy or just a short robe, you can have a cool look by putting on a pair of cozy mules or other lightweight cloth slippers.

When you are in your coziest indoor outfit, go with a pair of natural sheepskin slippers or slippers boots that can keep your feet warm and nice while giving you a cool look.

You can still look elegantly dressed in a pair of traditional pajamas and/or a classic dressing gown if you pair the outfit with a pair of calf leather slippers of good quality or other soft leather moccasins.

If you prefer to wear casual clothes indoors, perhaps an oversize tee-shirt, you can remain stylish by going with your favorite slipper socks in a color that matches the color of your clothing. You will always have something to go with the outfit that you want to wear indoors by keeping a small collection of slipper socks in various colors and patterns.

To obtain your desired special look with some smart indoor clothes, you need a pair of designer slippers that give a glitzy fashion style. Your look would be enhanced with a pair of stylish slippers when you are going for an evening in, or even when you are at home but still want to look good.

Today, indoor footwear is not just slippers that are made for the elderly and inform. You are free to choose designer slippers or some other slippers in fashionable styles that suit your indoor wardrobe, and you can always look cool with these slippers.

Type Of Slippers

Men’s slippers are available in an assortment of various styles, and the following are the more popular styles. There is essentially no limits to the number of available patterns and colors within each style category.

booty-slipper-socks-for-menAnkle Boots and Booties

Ankle boots are also known as booties, and this category is one of the warmest kinds of slippers you can get. Just like a short boot, these step-in slipper shoes give complete coverage for the foot that extends up to the ankle. While most of them are made of quilted fabric or lined with shearing, some have a boiled wool upper and ribbed cuff that make them look like socks. The majority of the booties can simply pull on, some come with button, Velcro strap, or tie at the instep or ankle.



Technically, flip-flops are not slippers. Perhaps limited to American sense, flip-flops still function like slippers when they are worn indoors as house shoes. On the other hand, it is common for Japanese and other Asians to wear things when they are at home. One major benefit from wearing rubber thongs is that they can be worn in the shower for both hygiene and safety reason, as one is less prone to slip when wearing rubber thongs.


Loafers and Slip-Ons

The designs of loafers and slip-on are like traditional men’s slippers. You may have come across some vintage images that depict a man wearing loafer-style slippers as he sits in his favorite chair, smoking a pipe and reading a newspaper. We are not saying that these are old-fashioned slippers. In fact, slip-ons can look quite modern, and they are warm. Most loafer slippers have an elegant look and they look very similar to shoes.



To be specific, there are two types of moccasins that are considered as slipper shoes. Driving moccasins are worn for driving so that one’s street shoes can be prevented from scuffing, and the nubbed rubber sole also enables better traction on foot pedals. The moccasins used as house slippers are styled very much like traditional Native American moccasins, and they come with either a soft self-bottom of suede or leather or a more shoelike sole. Many moccasins available in the market are made of shearling and have warm, soft fleece on the inside, a suede outer surface.


Novelty Slippers

Novelty slippers can be quite fun, but they are not for everybody. They can be something that family members would laugh at. Some guys just cannot appreciate the humor in a pair of slippers that look like monster trucks, computer keyboards, or even Kermit the Frog. If a man is getting a pair for himself as he appreciates the joke, he may come to like some of the many slippers that are shaped after a certain object, animal or people. Other novelty slippers may not be shaped like other objects, but instead, depict them in the form of appliqués. Some slippers feature a university or college logo or certain branding of consumer products.



The rubber shoe is a more modern type of house shoe that come in the form of clog, slide, flip-flop or step-in styles. These shoes are not only easy to clean, and they are comfortable when worn too. Some of them come with the design which features textured insole that massages the bottom of the feet.


Scuffs and Slides

In a way which is similar to women’s mule-style shoes, a scuff has a closed toe and an open back. The foot would slide into the slipper and be covered in front for warmth. A slide is somewhat similar as the foot would slide in when wearing. But it has open toe and back, and the slipper held on the foot by a wide strap across the instep. Need SocksSlipper socks for men,type of slippersIs It Weird To Wear Slipper Or Slipper Socks For Men? If you want to have the best look with indoor clothing, and even at any time you are in your nightwear, the best way is to ensure that your appearance is enhanced by using a good pair of slippers....You will find different types and designs of socks that is a must to bring home.