Our Highly Recommended Non-Slip Socks

For people who are unsteady on their feet, non-slip socks are godsends. Any slippery surface and even tile floors and hardwood can pose a safety issue to our wobbly friends.

4 Type of Women’s Non Slip Socks

Pilates Grip Socks


If you dislike having anything around your ankle, then these non-skid grip socks are for you.


ToeSox Half Toe Low Rise Grip Socks

The Half Toe Low Rise Grip Socks from Toesox give coverage for the entire foot from just below the ankle until the middle of the toes. The design gives terrific traction and also provide the sensation of doing yoga barefoot.

The socks are made of 90% cotton and 8% spandex so that they give sufficient stretch to fit your foot and also remain snug. While rubber sole made up the remaining 2% of materials. Many wearers say that the forced stretching out of their toes helps to improve them in balancing, enabling them to hold poses longer.

The grip is excellent, thanks to the small raised dots at the bottom of the ToeSox that gives the texture and feel of a grippy, sticky mat when touched.

You can wear ToeSox when:

  1. Walking around barefoot within an enclosed space. I prefer to have my feet moisturized first before sliding them into a pair of ToeSox immediately afterward. The socks prevent my heels from looking raggedy, and they give me a nice amount of traction as I walk around the house or even when I am teaching a class at the yoga studio. Moreover, my feet can stay clean!
  1. When it is so cool out there, the socks are very cozy for the opening and closing sequence of a yoga class.
  1. With wearing slides or flip-flops. With your ToeSox on, just slide into a pair of Haviana’s or some other favorite slides or flip flops. The socks make it easy for you to slide your feet in or out when you are out running quick errands around the neighborhood or going to the studio.

Mary Jane Socks


The Mary Jane style slipper socks are so adorable, and they are a reminiscence of the good old days of your mom or your grandma. Many would fall in love with the adorable style.


DG Sports Women’s Black Cotton Mary Jane Socks With Grips

Get your footing during Pilates or yoga sessions when you are wearing the special non-slip socks. These socks are made of moisture-wicking cotton which is thin and lightweight, enabling you to obtain greater stability that is much needed for certain positions and poses. The socks also feature straps across the top to ensure the socks remain in position.

Find your footing during yoga or Pilates sessions when you wear these special non-slip socks. Made from moisture-wicking cotton, these socks are lightweight and thin and allow you to enjoy greater stability for poses and positions. Available in black with gray heart pattern, the socks are such comfortable wear that comes in women’s shoe sizes from 5 to 10 or men’s shoe sizes from 4 to 9.


Lupo Women’s Essential No-Slip Crossover Yoga Pilates Socks

Dislike seeing your socks peeking out of your shoes? These socks can stay low-profile as they have straps which go over the top of your foot to keep them in place securely. Moreover, the bottom of the sock has a non-slip grip pattern that can help you maintain your poses when you are doing Pilates or yoga.

Non Skid Slipper Socks


A bit warmer and heavier than typical gripper socks, the slipper booties with gripper bottoms would be an extra special Christmas or Mother’s Day gift for your elderly or love ones who are complaining about their cold ankles and feet. These socks would not only warm their toesies but probably also warm their hearts.


Isotoner: Women’s Slipper Boots

These slippers look gorgeous with the beautiful satin bows on them, and they are such comfortable wear due to their padded foam insole which gives a soft interior. These socks are so soft, giving total comfort, and it is very easy to put them on. The underside of the sole is also equipped with non-slip grip studs that make the boots non-slip.



For those who would prefer non-skid grip socks that are slightly taller.


Tavi Noir Stella Knee High Grip Socks

The brass buttons and sleek silhouette of these socks would make you walk the line of sexy and sophisticated, grabbing people’s attention as you walk down the street. You will always be ready to perform as the knee high length keep your legs warm, and the Tavi’s stellar grip sock pattern enables you to safely move through Pilates, barre, and yoga classes.

Let the heart of Tavi be expressed with function flowing into fashion. These function focused socks are made of soft organic cotton, combined with an arch band that comforts and supports, and a slip-free grip sole.

Make Your Own Version Of Non Skid Slipper Socks

It is great to wear non-slip socks around the house. You can even make your personal version of the socks without having to fork out some cash on these specialty socks. The argument is: why spend $4 for a pair of grippy socks if you can get a whole pack of regular socks with just of $5? The instructions below would guide you on making a pair of non-slip socks.

  1. Lay on the floor a piece of thin cardboard, then put one foot on top of it. Use a pencil to trace the foot shape on the cardboard, and then do the same for your other foot.
  1. Cut out the tracing using a pair of scissors, and you will have two foot-shaped pieces.
  1. Slide each cardboard piece into the socks, so that the bottom of the socks have a shoe-like effect.
  1. By using puffy fabric paint, create some little shapes on the bottoms of the socks. Be creative on the shapes according to your liking: zigzags, polka dots, hearts, or others. Tip: You can avoid smears by working from top to bottom on each sock.
  1. Allow the paint to dry for about four hours. After that, you can wave goodbye to tumbles on slippery floors!
http://www.socksview.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/non-slip-socks-1024x756.jpghttp://www.socksview.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/non-slip-socks-150x150.jpgorebfaithSpecial Need SocksMary Jane Socks,Non Slip Socks,Non-skid Slipper Socks,pilates grip socks,women's non slip socksOur Highly Recommended Non-Slip Socks For people who are unsteady on their feet, non-slip socks are godsends. Any slippery surface and even tile floors and hardwood can pose a safety issue to our wobbly friends. 4 Type of Women's Non Slip Socks Pilates Grip Socks 1) SHORT GRIPPER SOCKS If you dislike having anything around...You will find different types and designs of socks that is a must to bring home.