How To Wear Compression Socks?

The Easiest Way To Put On Compression Socks.

1. Take steps to reduce swelling.

It is still easy to slip into the socks when swelling is still at a minimum. Do put them on first thing in the morning as you wake up from your sleep. If it is not feasible to do so, then do this: Lie down and have your pillows placed under your legs to raise your feet above the level of your heart. Remain in the position for a few minutes, and the swelling would be eased. You can then put on the socks.


2. Get an extra pair of hands.

If you have mobility issues, then it can be even harder to put on and take off compression socks. Seek help from a loved one or a friend if you cannot manage on your own. You can let them know that these socks can help you stay active, healthy and pain-free.

3. Use Pull On Method


4. Use tools to ease the process.

It can be challenging to pull on compression stockings, and the struggle is real. Before spending another 30 minutes attempting to put on your socks, give these tricks, tips, and tools a try to help you in getting your socks on easy and fast.

How To Put On Compression Stockings Easily?

Juzo Slippie Gator

An Easy Pad and a Donning Aid comes included in the Slippie Gator Kit. The Donning Aid is placed within the socks and it has handles for you to pull the sock up. It is made of a slick and durable material so that donning is easier. This is good news for people who have difficulty bending over or could not grip the stockings. On the other hand, the easy pad is made of a sticky material and it enables you to move the stocking up your foot without using your hands. To use it, it is initially placed on the ground, then as the stocking part way on your foot, just push your foot forward and the stocking would move up your foot.  Available only for open toe stocking and socks, the Easy-Slide for Open-Toe Stockings is simple to use and it enables one to put on open-toe socks in a breeze. It has received rave reviews from therapists and customers alike.

The device enables the patients to put on compression stockings in a breeze. And there are neither struggling nor pinching in the process of putting on the stockings. This saves you quite some time in your busy day.

Compression Stocking Donner

If you are experiencing difficulty to cross your legs or bend over, stocking donners are here to help. Donners are available in regular and wide-calf sizes and even some for wearing pantyhose and arm sleeves. In a nutshell, this donning device makes life easier for you. It takes practice and some patience to use stocking donners, and they are especially useful for individuals who face trouble to bend at the waist. Since there are many donners to choose from, we narrow down to few of our customers’ favorites.

For people who have a hard time in bending at the waist, the Jobst and Medi stocking donners make things easier. Just stretch the stocking over the frame, then step into the sock until your foot reaches the floor. Lift the handles slowly as you work the stocking up your leg. Both Jobst and Medi have donners which cater specifically for larger calves. You can check how it works here:

Medi Butler

Medi donning butler is actually a metal frame that makes donning easier. The stocking is first pulled onto the butler before enabling you to grab the top handles to pull the stocking up. The tool is useful for people who find it difficult to bend over to pull their socks up or could not grip the stocking alone when donning.

Magnide Easy-Slide for Closed Toe Stockings

Heading somewhere? It is easy to transport the Magnide Easy-Slide for Closed Toe Stockings and it is washable. This is probably one of the easiest closed toe stockings donners in the market, and this is how it works:

The Juzo Slippie and the Easy-Slides for open and closed toe work by putting on durable and slippery “parachute” nylon fabric on your leg to pull the stocking over. You are to make use of your new favorite donning gloves to work the stocking up your leg before pulling the donning aid out from the top of your stocking or through the open toe. If you are wearing closed toe stockings, do ensure that you use a donning aid which is specifically made for closed toe style stockings.

Socks Maintainance

1.Daily checks

Since stockings may move around throughout the day, it is crucial to check on your compression socks from time to time throughout the day. Smooth out the wrinkles in the socks so that you get optimum pressure.

2.Proper care

Lastly, one major part of wearing compression socks is how to take care of them to make them last longer. Provided they are properly cared for, the socks can last for six months’ use. If possible, it would be good to have two pairs so that you can swap out every other day, since you are wearing the stockings on a daily basis. The stockings should be taken off at bed time. The socks should be washed by hand with soap which is free of chemicals and dyes, along with some lukewarm water. After washing, leave the stocking to dry in an area where a lot of air will circulate. Compression stocking should be completely dry when you put them on. If they are partially wet in the morning, use a hairdryer to fan them for a few minutes or until they are dry. Socks And Gearcompression stocking donner,easiest way to put on compression socks,how to put on compression stockings easily,how to wear compression socksHow To Wear Compression Socks? The Easiest Way To Put On Compression Socks. 1. Take steps to reduce swelling. It is still easy to slip into the socks when swelling is still at a minimum. Do put them on first thing in the morning as you wake up from your sleep. If...You will find different types and designs of socks that is a must to bring home.